Our School

We value every child and work to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment where children have the confidence and desire to explore opportunities, develop talents, and reach their full potential. Our facilities and curriculum include:

  • Special education services
  • Gifted services with a dedicated, gifted teacher on campus
  • English Language Learner services
  • Band
  • Special area classes, including art, music, physical education, and technology
  • Middle level competitive athletic program and facilities
  • Before and after school enrichment program (fee base)
  • Kindergarten enrichment program (fee-based)
  • Modern playground equipment and shaded play areas
Young child with a stack of books and reading the top book


Empowering our students to lead, advocate, and serve.


As a service learning academy, our mission is to develop worldly thinkers with a passion to use their skills and intelligences to positively impact their communities. We will provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and expand their understanding of service through intentional and purposeful instruction and community partnerships. Students will be empowered to solve authentic, real-world problems, and become career ready for fields in public service.

Make Your Day

We are a “Make Your Day” school! We believe that “No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of others.”

Our school staff is here to assist your child in learning how to:

  • Assume responsibility for his/her learning and behavior choices
  • Expect consequences for choices (choosing to earn points or choosing to not earn points)
  • Become a responsible learner in his/her community